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Question asked by user27142 on Oct 29, 2016
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Taken directly from the Filemaker support page at:

How to move data from one database to another


Option 2 - Relationships

Another way to move information stored in a field between databases is to create a relationship and use lookup fields.

A lookup copies data from another table into a field in the current table. After data is copied, it becomes part of the current table (and remains in the table from which it was copied).

To establish a connection between tables for a lookup, you create a relationship between the match field of the current table and the match field of the related table. Then you define a lookup to copy data from a field in the related table into a field in the current table (See “Defining lookups” in the FileMaker Online Help).

When you type or change a value in the match field of the current table, FileMaker Pro uses the relationship to access the first record in the related table whose match field contains a matching value. Next, it copies the value from the lookup source field into the lookup destination field, where the value is stored.

After a value is copied into the lookup destination field, you can edit, replace, or delete it like any other value (because the lookup value belongs to the current table). You can also update data in the current table to match data that changes in the related table.


I've created basically a mirror table to a ESS/ODBC external MySQL data table online.  In each of the respective fields in the mirror table I've defined a lookup associated with the proper field in the external table (there are quite a few, approx. 350)


Reading above, I'm lead to believe that creating a lookup mapping between the two table fields I can copy data from external table to the mirror table.  It's not working.  What am I doing wrong?


My reason for copying the data from the external source is to prevent direct changes to the data.  It's an online hosted form that's collecting data.  I can attach to it directly, however I'd prefer it be mirrored inside my application to another table and use those fields on form view for browsing and updating the information.  This should prevent updates at the external table as I read the above.


I also realize that I could import the data between tables and I'm trying to prevent having to do that.  Basically, I just want to monitor a copy of the data coming from the external table from another source without needed to reimport as the data grows.