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    Invoices Starter Solution Help


      Hoping someone can help explain something on the Invoices starter solution.


      I am specifically trying to recreate the Customer select popover in the Invoices Details Layout. I am having a hard time understanding what is going on with the portal in the first panel of that popover. There seems to be a button in the portal row but behind the portal fields. Somehow, when the portal row is clicked, that button activates a script passing the Customer ID to the currently viewed invoice.


      Can anyone provide detail on how all this works? Thanks for any help.Screen Shot 2016-10-28 at 4.06.46 PM.png

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          The easiest thing to do is to watch everything happen in the script debugger and data viewer, assuming you have FM Advanced.

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            you are correct. Go to layout mode, click on the "Select" button to bring the popover up and see the portal. IF you have "Show->Buttons" (under the View menu), you'll see a small rectangle meaning there IS a button. Mouse over it to see the tooltip about it.


            If you wish, duplicate the layout and play with moving things around to show the actual button. Likely it is in front of the fields, but not obscuring them (transparent). The fields don't allow entry, the button gets the click and the script triggers.


            There may be grouped or locked objects, so work on a copy of the layout!!


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              I seem to recall that there is also a slide control inside that popover and different panels can present themselves based on what action you take with it.


              I have previously commented directly to FileMaker people--including one of the in house developers that created these starter solutions that the dearth of proper internal documentation was both a serious flaw in using the solutions as a way to understand their design as well as simply an unprofessional way to design a solution.


              Ironically, the developer agreed with me, but apparently higher ups didn't want the documentation as they didn't want to deal with translation issues. Frankly, given services such as Google translate, better a single language version of the comments and other documentation than none at all, but they continue to release FileMaker "examples" that are, in that respect at least, very poor examples of how solutions should be created.


              That lack of documentation is one of the reasons why we see posts like these.

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                I agree. The Starter Solutions seem to me to be quick ad dirty examples of what can be done in FM, whereas I believe they should be demonstrations of best practice, but don't need to be highly developed—they are starter solutions, after all. They would be better as basic, sound platforms on which to build.

                Nonetheless, the best advice in answer to the OP's question has already been give by others: have a good dig around the layout, step through the scripts and work out what they are trying to do, then make adaptations once you understand.

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                  Maybe this will help you? its from the Richard Carlton tutorials



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                    Thanks, Beverly. Are you saying that if the Edit fields don't allow entry, then a button placed behind them would get the click even if you clicked on the Edit field? If that is true, then that would explain some of how this seems to be structured. In layout view, it does seem the button is behind the edit fields.

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                      Thank you to those who recommended the script debugger. That has helped me to figure out that my adaptation of this script is failing at line 8 that includes a step to Go to Object [ Object Name: 2 ]. See in context below.


                      The problem is that I do not have an object named "2" in my adaptation of this, and I cannot find exactly what object is named "2" in the starter solution despite clicking on a bunch of the UI objects. Does anyone know what object is labeled "2" in this starter solution or if there is a way to easily identify it? Just running the script Go to Object [ Object Name: 2 ] alone has no apparent effect on revealing it.


                      Screen Shot 2016-10-30 at 12.07.23 PM.png

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                        It may all depend on the fill property of each object. A white field on top may or may not allow 'pass through' to a button underneath. A transparent button on top may still capture the click. Mostly I was encouraging you to experiment.


                        I typically have invisible (transparent) buttons over other objects and leave formatting (styles) to those other objects.


                        If you are using layouts for Web Direct, such "layering" can be ill advised. But again you must test what works for your needs.


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                          Thanks, Beverly. After some experimenting, it seems that edit fields pass clicks through to a button underneath them if the field entry options for the edit field are turned off like below. The color of the edit field appears to have no effect on the pass through. This was news to me and allows me a little greater understanding on what is going in this popover portal.


                          Screen Shot 2016-10-30 at 12.24.00 PM.png

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                            Awesome! You will remember better than had any of us told you.


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