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    Sync Filemaker Pro 15


      I have Filemaker Pro 15. I created a database and saved it to my Dropbox. I used Filemaker 15 Go and access the database on dorpbox.


      When I went back to my iMac and loaded the database all the added records I added on my iPad where not there.


      What did I do wrong? Was I suppose to sync the database with dropbox somehow?


      Can anyone tell me what I need to do so I can use the same database with both my iMac and iPad?


      Thank you

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          Syncing with Dropbox is a VERY bad idea. Search the forum and you will learn why.

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            On an iOS device, you have to copy your file back and forth between Filemaker Go and Drop Box. If you don't copy the file back to drop box on your iOS device, your new/modified data isn't in drop box to be found when you then open the older copy that is in drop box from another device.

            This process of copying files back and forth is why drop box really isn't a means for Synching data between devices.

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              So what is the solution I should be using so they sync between the two? iCould???

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                That's another method for copying files back and forth.


                At the risk of reopening an old controversy, drop box, iCloud, Google drive, etc can be used to update a solution that you want to open on different devices. But only if you are very careful and the only user working with that solution. Otherwise, you end up with multiple copies of your file and none of them have a complete and up to date copy of your data.


                For true synchronized data, you need to use one of two basic approaches:


                1) host the file from a server that all your users and devices access as clients. Filemaker Server, Filemaker Cloud, WebDirect and Custom Web Publishing are all possible means in this category.


                2) Use import records to copy new and updated records from your devices to and from "Master Copy" of your solution. You can set up your own system for this, but unless your needs are very simple, this can be a major project. For that reason, third party tools for this such as those offered by SeedCode and 360Works can be used for this purpose.

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                  Markus Schneider

                  to complete the list (a bit more..), there are synking-tools available, ie GoZync (among others, GoZync does not need a FileMaker Server). Those tools will cost some money - and some time to learn&integrate..


                  Another approach might be a hosting service. A FileMaker hoster hosts Your file on FileMaker Server, Your files are available everywhere in the world where You have 'net', on every device that is supported (fmnet for FileMaker Pro/adv, FileMakerGo, webdirect for access via browser,)

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                    in the sync approach there is also Tim's very good (and free solution)

                    FMEasySync: A FileMaker Sync Framework

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                      Markus Schneider

                      I also had EasySync in my answer above - but AFAIK, EasySynk needs FileMaker Server, GoZync works with FileMaker client 2 client