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Discussion created by BrianWoods on Oct 30, 2016
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Hi, my solution has TONS of similar tab panels / slider controls (upwards of 100) on a single layout.  Because of this I'm aiming to reduce the number of user clicks by sending the user directly to the most appropriate tab and slider once s/he clicks on a different top level tab (run as a background task).


My actual solution would take much more time/space to explain.  So, I've provided an example using a tourist scenario.  In this mock scenario each category (e.g. hotels, restaurants, daily excursions, special events) will be placed on a different layout. The tabs merely help the user drill down to a specific geographic area.  Whereas the sliders display information based on a rating scale (please refer to the screenshot below).


When the user selects a different tourist category (1st level tab), I'd like users to be automatically directed to the same geographic area (2nd, 3rd, and 4th level tabs)  For example, once the user is finished searching for say "Restaurants" and then starts browsing "Hotels", Filemaker will auto-navigate the user to the same geographic area.


Additionally, I'd like the solution to navigate to the most appropriate slider based on a the user's preference (pricing).  Even though a user might spend $100 for an excursion or dish out $200 for a hotel room, s/he might only be willing to pay $35 for dinner.  So it's very possible the user could choose a different value for each category.  And the pricing for each category would be distilled to a numerical rating scale of "1" to "5".


BTW, someone might be tempted to ask, "Why not create a portal?"  Well, if this example mirrored my solution perfectly, I'd gladly do it. But remember, my solution is more complicated.  In fact, the larger set of data doesn't really lend itself to be stored in a portal format. I just need help with the navigation.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.