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sub summary reporting!

Question asked by Flyfisher2611 on Oct 31, 2016
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I am trying to create my first sub-summary report.


I am trying to group a list of plant names ie 'Lobelia' and give me a total number of plants produced for each plant name, but also, within the plant name group, show me the subtotals of the varieties, ie 'Crystal Palace', 'Mrs. Clibran' and 'Cambridge Blue'


I have got the report to show me the 'plant names' with a 'total no. of plants' per group, but can't seem to get sub-categories for the individual varieties. I have all the varieties listed, just not categorized!


I have inserted, what I hoped, was a sub-summary line, in the part setup, I have tried changing the tables within the part set up, but nothing!


Has anybody any idea what I could be doing wrong!


Kind regards