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    Conditional Value List


      Hi guys


      I'm sure you've all gotten this question a lot of times before, regarding conditional value lists.


      I'm working on a database, which includes a User tabel and a Task tabel.


      The User tabel holds all the clients using the database, and is all 'born' with a boolean number field called "IsActive", so we can distinguish them from the hired and not hired.


      So my colleague made a Value List long ago, holding all records in the User table, regardless of hired or not, to be used in the Task tabel, holding the users ID & Name, from the User tabel, on each specific task the user has ever touched.


      Now, I would like to change the value list, since there is no idea of putting inactive people on a value list - right?

      So, when I change the VL.


      All inactive people only remain with the ID from the User tabel, when active people show as they should.


      So my question is:

      How do I create this conditional value list, so me and everybody else gets to see the name of the former inactive person, which created the task and not just the ID?


      I hope you are following me here.


      Best regards