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    Importing Records


      I have a database where all primary keys are and auto entry calculation of Get UUID.


      In order to import records from another file I changed the primary key to a text field for the import so that the existing primary keys will import.  When I change the primary key back to the Get UUID all the imported primary keys change to a new value.  I'm sure there is a way to stop the changing of the primary keys but I can't find it.


      Can anyone suggest a way to stop the imported primary keys from changing when I change the field type to a calculation?

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          The primary key field should be a text field regardless, with an auto-enter option set to Get ( UUID ). If you turn the auto-enter option off to perform your import, then the existing key values will be imported and other auto-enter options will still be performed on import, such as creation timestamps and the like. After the import all you need to do to go back to normal is to turn back on the auto-enter option on your primary key field. It sounds to me as if you might have changed the field to a calculation field instead.

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            Yes, that's what I was doing.


            Thank-you for the fix.