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    How do I do this??




      I´m new to FileMaker and trying to setup my first database but have run into a problem that I need help to solve.


      My database consist of two Tables:

      • Person data
      • Notes data


      Screen Shot 2016-10-31 at 12.41.42.png

      I have one Layout that contain a majority of the Fields from the ‘Person data’ and then it also contain a “section” with a ‘Tab Control’ that contains One tab (Person Details) with fields from the ‘Person data’ and One tab (Meeting Notes) that contains fields from the ‘Notes data’.

      Screen Shot 2016-10-31 at 12.10.35.png

      I have setup relations between the two Tables where I have a filed named “Matching Field for Object ID” in both tables that are linked to each other.

      Screen Shot 2016-10-31 at 12.40.56.png

      Screen Shot 2016-10-31 at 12.42.28.png



      What I am trying to do:


      On the Meeting Notes tab I have put Fields from the ’Notes Data’ (Date, Meeting Type, Meeting Notes & Decision).


      On the ‘Meeting Notes’ tab I want to have buttons to jump between the different posts in the ‘Notes Data’ that are related to the Person displayed in the main Layout.


      But when I add buttons in the ‘Meeting Notes’ Tab (First, Previous, Next & Last) and push on one of them it “controls” the “Person data” and changes the Person that is displayed and not the “Notes Data” displayed in the “Meeting Notes” Tab.


      How do I link the buttons to “control” ’Notes data’ and step though the different Notes data posts related to the Person?

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          There is another problem with your setup that you probably just havent encountered yet. Using "naked" related fields, you would be able to only create a single related record.


          Have a look at portals that let you display as well as create related records from the "parent" context (layout):


          Creating portals to display related records

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            A simpler approach would be to just put a portal to notes on your tab. You can then use a scroll bar to scroll through your notes.


            But your screen shot of you relationships shows a potential problem with your Notes match field.


            The ID field in Person Data should be defined as an auto-entered serial number or auto-enter Get ( UUID ). The ID field in notes data should be an ID or text field with no auto-enter setting.

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              Good morning borgstrand,


              I hope your day is going well. Try using the Go To Portal Row () script step - next or previous as applicable - on your buttons. Hope this is helpful.


              God bless,




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                Thanks for your different tips!


                Probably saved me a lot of investigation with the incorrect  relation, thanks for pointing that out.


                Will have a look at "portal" which I do not really like based on that it is more "list" related than "form" related, but will give it a go.


                If someone else have any other solution to my original "problem" I am more than interested in that.

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                  The "list format" is only the default option. If you:

                  a) reduce the number of rows (possibly to just 1 at first)

                  b) Increase the height of the row

                  c) Use the available design tools to create and place the desired layout objects


                  You can get a portal row that is much like a "mini-Form".


                  You can also set up a relationship that links to only one of these records by matching the Primary Key of the Notes table to a special match field (often global) in the person table. your buttons to move from record to record can use GetNthRecord to get this ID via the first relationship (the one that you'd use with a portal) and set this added match field as the "selected note" and then you can place fields from this relationship on your layout and the will update to show different records as you click buttons to move from record to record by changing the match field value to point to different records.