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    Setting up SMTP




      I would like set up filemaker to send emails to my client database, using SMTP.


      I use AuthSMTP and have it setup on several different programs, so I know the setting are correct.


      I really know nothing about sending email via Filemaker though. 


      I am not even certain what category this post belongs in.


      When I enter the SMTP settings, I get this message (see attached) and can go no further.


      Clearly there are lots of things that I am not doing - any help would be most appreciated.




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          David Moyer


          it sounds like you're getting an error before SMTP even gets going.  Try setting up a very simple email, without any references to FM data ... use static text entries instead.

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            I assume you have already gone to www.authsmtp.com and set up an account. 


            The outgoing relay for this service is "mail.authsmtp.com" and they use port 25 and looks like it doesn't use TLS/SSL security. 


            As David said above, try sending a test one without using fields because it looks like your email references fields not in the context of your layout.  Here are the SMTP options in the Send Mail script step for FileMaker. 



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              Hi David,


              Thank you for responding.


              I have been able to send single emails via my email client with Filemaker, both if I manually enter the email and if I specify the field that contains the email addresses.


              If I manually enter it, it shows up in my email inbox.


              If I use the specified field option to pull addresses from the database email field, the email goes to my junk folder.


              So I can send emails, but I seem to be missing something in the set up of SMTP.


              Ultimately, I want to be able to send multiple emails using merged data to personalise them and have it go through SMTP.



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                Hi Taylor,


                Thank you for responding.  Looks like you replied while I was replying to David.


                Yes, I have had an AuthSMTP account for several years and use successfully with a few programs.


                I have been in contact with AuthSMTP support and they have given me some alternate suggestions as to port options and authentication protocols to try, but nothing works. 


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                  If you are able to send it with your Mail client that is on the same machine as FileMaker Pro, then you have the appropriate settings in your mail client.  Just use those same settings in FileMaker SMTP setting.  Make sure to match the encryption (TLS/SSL) and ports, and of course credentials.  Tell us what your settings are on your Mail client that you say is working?

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                    Hi Taylor,


                    Sorry, I should have said  - when I send it from my mail client on my local machine - that is not using AuthSMTP - but rather IMAP from my ISP.  I use AuthSMTP to send emails from my website because my webhost was having issues being blacklisted.  I could set AuthSMTP up to use with my local client, but never bothered because sending emails from my ISP via the regular client was never a problem - only when using PHPmailer ( I think ) from my website shopping cart.


                    Apologies for the confusion.



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                      Hmm, looks like I may have some success,  


                      I kept getting a "The specified table could not be found" message, so I made a field for the username and for the password of my AuthSMTP account and put the relevant data into the "auto complete" section for those fields  and then specified those in the Authentication fields shown a few posts up in screen grab that Taylor supplied. 


                      That did not work, so I manually typed the info into the fields and tried again and it worked in my test to myself. 


                      I don't know if this is the correct way, and it is kind of worrying that my access credentials are exposed like that in the database - but I am the only one using it. So, I will try will a live lot sending to multiple recipients and see how it goes.



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                        Assuming that the above works, I now have a new question


                        I have list of client data that shows the last time they logged in, and the last time that they ordered.  Using this, how can I make it so that emails only get sent to people that have Not purchased from the current event, so if they have not bought anything in October, they get an reminder email.


                        I can parse this data manually - but... ick. 


                        Thank you



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                          You need a layout that is based on the context of what you want to send.  For example, in your layout, can you see the email field?  If you can't, then you won't be able to send from it.  You probably need a Customers layout (assuming the email field is in the Customer table) that has a calculation field for the last time they ordered and the last time they logged in.  Then you can do a find to search on those calculation fields and the found set of emails can be sent out.  I'm not sure I said that well, but I hope you get the idea.  Do you need help with those calculations and relationships?

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                            Hi Taylor,


                            Thanks for your reply.


                            I would definitely need help - so much in fact that it is likely not tenable to even try at the moment given how busy I am - trying to learn new things as much as I would like to- is likely not the best use of my time - just parsing the data will be faster at the moment.  Something to put on the To Do list.


                            What I do need to know though is how to make a letter that includes personalised info.  I thought that I was to use the Specify Field Name... option from the dropdown arrow to the right of the message window in the SMTP set up area, but I am only allowed to use 1 field if I do this.  Put more than one in and I get an message saying the specified table cannot be found  - or - it just changes it to the new selection.


                            Could you help me with this?


                            Thanks again, I appreciate your time.