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    Script on navigation


      Hello everyone, i am new to filemaker. i am now writing a script of navigation based on the empty field. There are 3 fields to control, namely A, B and C. There are total 8 layouts that is all the combination of A,B and C.


      1. A,B,C (all are no empty)

      2. A (only A is not empty)

      3. B (only B is not empty)

      4. C (only C is not empty)

      5. AC(only B is empty)

      6. AB(only C is empty)

      7. BC(only A is empty)

      8. none(all are empty)


      Here is my script

      If Not Is empty(A&B&C)

      Go to 1

      end if

      if Is empty( B and C)

      Go to 2

      end if

      if Is empty( A and C)

      Go to 3

      end if

      if Is empty( A and B)

      Go to 4

      end if

      if Is empty( B)

      Go to 5

      end if

      if Is empty( C)

      Go to 6

      end if

      if Is empty( A)

      Go to 7

      end if

      If Is empty(A&B&C)

      Go to 8

      end if


      Only the step go to 1 and 8 is work so there is something wrong in my script.

      Does anyone tell me what is the wrong steps in my script? i don't know how to write a multiple condition script.


      I am using filemaker 14.