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    Thunderbird on Mac


      As far as I know it's not possible send mail with Thunderbird on Mac from Filemakers Send Mail script step. (I know I can do the Open URL workaround, but it doesn't work in this case since I need attachments as well.)


      I would like to know why this is? Is it an error from Filemaker, Mac or Thunderbird?

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          Thunderbird is not a mail "Server"' it's a mail client.


          Thus, to send email you need an email account on an email "server" somewhere. Thunderbird has NOTHING to do with sending email from FMP. TB only comes into play when... you're sending email from Thunderbird itself -- in which case, you still need to connect to an actual email "Server" to send email.


          FMP is exactly the same. You set up the email server's credentials. That is, you need to put the address of the email server. Whether you send an attachment makes no difference in whether the email will send.


          I've sent email on the mac using FM's send email script step with zero issues....again, you just need an email account on some email server somewhere and reference that information in FM....just like you do in Thunderbird or any other email "client".


          HOPE THIS HELPS.

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            I was probably unclear.


            I want to send mail with Filemakers Send Mail > Send via e-mail client script step.


            If I do this on a Mac where I have Apple Mail as the default Email client it works flawless, if I have Thunderbird as the default Mail client, it ends with an error ("Something isn't installed correctly").

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              Gotcha. Sorry I misunderstood.


              Yeah, I also use TB on the mac. If I use "local mail client" in a FM script step, then you're right, I get an error like this:



              RANT ON...


              I always look at errors like this one as LAZY Programming by the programmers -- FMI in this case. Errors like this should never happen. The PROGRAM (FM) should be smart enough to figure things out or AT LEAST give a much more intelligent message. This error message is totally unhelpful. And, I'm expected to click "OK"?  It's NOT OK.


              (Hint FMI programmers: READ Alan Cooper's "About Face" on user interface design...).


              This error is about as helpful as the "?" in the ExecuteSQL in the Calculation Checker.


              "RANT OFF"....




              TB is an excellent email program. IMHO, it's still the best with the most options out there, but some features aren't supported. The way around this issue above is to just use the SMTP server option of mail and take the local client out of the picture entirely.


              Using the SMTP server option is what I've always done.


              But, you'll need to adjust FM's silly SMTP dialog defaults....FM gives you where it assumes you're using port 25 (plain un-encrypted text, etc.). Unlike even the 15-year old Thunderbird (at least 15 years), FM doesn't bother to change the port number when you change the "Connection encryption" in the dialog box (or even take an educated guess). So, FM drops this configuration item into your lap. Thanks FM for the, ah, help!


              (Does anyone use port 25 anymore? I don't even think some of the major ISPs even support 25 any longer.)



              The Outgoing SMTP Server is domain specific, but can be something like "mail.domain_name.com". Take a look at your Thunderbird SMTP settings for your particular email config.


              If you can send email using Thunderbird using its SMTP settings, then sending email from FMP using the SMTP dialog with the same settings you have in TB should work with no issues.


              HOPE THIS HELPS.

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                I use thunderbird and have the same experience so I send from FM using smtp instead, that works flawlessly provided your ISP opens the necessary ports on your email server.

                Cheers Nick

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                  If you can use Thunderbird to send email with your ISP via its SMTP settings,  then it should work fine within FM's SMTP script step too as that's the same thing, right?