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    How to determine FMGo version?


      I now have FMGo14 and FMGo15 on my iPad.  The icon for each is slightly different (different gradent direction).  Where do I go to determine which version is which?

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          FileMaker Pro 15 Help


          Get(ApplicationVersion) will return version after Go or Go_iPad

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            The icon that is pink at the top is 14. The icon that's purple at the top is 15.


            In addition to Get ( ApplicationVersion ), you can view the version inside the app using the little pull-down in the upper left hand corner and choosing "Settings". (This only works if you have a database open.)

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              Thanks Mike,  that was what I was looking for.  I didn't want to write a script just to tell what version I was using.

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                You can also tap the gear icon and select help. The window that opens contains the version title.

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                  Markus Schneider

                  We have this as well, for us it's an issue!

                  - the gear icon goes to the website, fine if one has net

                  - the web site does not show the version number on the start page

                  - the color difference of the icon is not a thing that people (end users) recognize clearly


                  we have had this issue a few days back when a user called for support because his solution crashed all the time after updating to iOS10. He wasn't even able to enter some text in a field


                  we got a test iPad (same as the customer, iPad Air2) and we were not able to reproduce. Customer was _not_ able to tell what version he was running, he just said 'should be the latest)

                  - we asked the customer to delete FMGo and reload it from the app-store

                  -> reaction: 'Uhh... looks a bit different than the one before...) -> he was running Go14


                  (btw. We were not able to have Go14 on iOS10 to crash with that solution either)


                  would be really helpfull to have the version-number available somewhere directly in FMGo. We added now a line in the startup script to get the version numer and store that in a variable....

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                    For just such situations, I’ve programmed a popover with various important information about the solution:


                    - Device version

                    - iOS version

                    - FM Go version

                    - Solution version

                    - User priv set

                    - User account name


                    The user can tap a popover button that says “Diagnostics” to get all that information. Screen shots are good (assuming you can teach the user how to do that).   

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                      Markus Schneider

                      yes! We added that info into a variable while running the startup-script, but it would be fine to get that info in general, means a user creates hisher own 'app' and calls us later for support