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FileMaker Pro 15 Windows

Question asked by embeco on Oct 31, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2016 by embeco

I am assuming that the beautiful frameless windows that we see in the training and numerous examples here in the community are only available when running under the Apple OS? I have been trying to open a "frameless" window under Windows 10 without success.


Also: Has the "Maximize window" problem been resolved in 15? As long as I don't create a window, I can operate in a maximize world (giving me more screen space and not having to worry about the user clicking on the red X and shutting down the whole app) but as soon as I launch a help screen (in a window so it displays on top of the current screen), I get a window frame around my maximized screen. I then have to close the help window and re-issue an Adjust Window command to get back into maximize. Not pretty bouncing out of and back into maximize.


Do I just have to resign myself to having a "frame" around every screen in the app?