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two server installation cwp and value lists

Question asked by ajk on Oct 31, 2016
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Is anyone successfully running a two server combination with a worker, and master machine hosting a PHP CWP solution? Were there any issues you encountered trying to get this setup to work?


I have got a couple of Windows 2012r2 based machines and I've installed the latest version of FileMaker Server 15 and installed the worker process on another worker machine. The deployment seemed to go OK without any issue. The PHP installation is the one that came with FileMaker Server, v5.5.31 with only the curl extension enabled. No matter what I do, my PHP valuelists don't appear to be working, the system generates a system 500 error with anything relating remotely to valuelists.


My code (i.e. pages with value lists) was working fine on a single install of FileMaker Server, could there be a PHP API bug in the deployment or CWP over two machines? So far as far as I can see, I can retrieve, data from fields and layout names, but I can't retrieve valuelists and I've double checked the valuelist exists on my layout and php security allows you to access the valuelist.


Both machines have SSL on, if that makes a difference.