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    Popover size in Button Bar?


      Windows 10, FMPA14.  I have a button bar (10-buttons) in a record layout (no portals).  Each "button" in the bar is a Popover with different dimensions. All but the 2nd Popover displays the correct size.  When in Layout mode, the 2nd popover shows the correct dimensions.  However when I go into browse mode and click on the 2nd button/popover, the size is much smaller, cutting off the contents.  I have no clue how to fix this.  It worked earier.  The only thing I did was to add a calculated validation to two of the fields within that popover.  At that point the popover didn't display correctly.  I have removed the validation but the popover remains the incorrect size in browse mode, yet in Layout mode, it shows correctly.

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          I suggest you duplicate the layout, remove the popover and recreate it. That might fix it. If it does you can then replace the popover on your original layout with the new one.

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            Is there a web viiewer on your layout?


            popovers cannot deploy across a web viewer. I think that an interactive container field will also have this effect.

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              Johan Hedman

              What kind of validations do you have on the popover? Is there text that gets bigger or smaller depending on validation. Make sure you do not have space on any size of your text that comes out of your validation. Something there sneaks in a enter in things and that could cause what you are experience.

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                No web viewers or anything fancy.  Within that popover I have 2 images 3 fields (numeric checkbox value list of "1"), yes questions, blank = no.  The first 2 fields may be one or the other but not both.  So the validation is "not {other field} = 1".  When testing it, in order to get the validation to trigger, I had to click out of the popover to close it.  The error message then appeared toward the center of the layout (out of where the popover used to be).  I will try keywords suggestion and see what happens.


                I just found what the problem was.  On the layout I have a large container field that contains a PDF.  When I was testing the layout, the default Windows PDF program was Adobe Acrobat DC.  I changed the default PDF viewer to be PDF Architect.  When I move the button bar way to the right so that none of the popovers cover the container field, all works fine.  So I will go back to using Adobe instead of PDF Architect.