CSV format unsupported on some Countries

Discussion created by Fred(CH) on Nov 1, 2016
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Product and version

FileMaker Pro 15.0.2 and ALL prior

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Mac and Windows


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FileMaker Pro only support US-like CSV format conversion; However, in some countries as France for insance, the CSV files are generated with the semi-column separator, so the actual CSV conversion feature available on FMP Import, Export and Open command is unusable on these countries.

See also the following wikipedia article (in french) under § "Variante française" :

Comma-separated values — Wikipédia

How to replicate

If you try to create a CSV file form Excel for instance with french localisation settings, you will see that the separator is not comma but semi-column; If you then try to import this file in FileMaker Pro, you will see that the column are not correctly separated.


For the import / Open commands : Open the file with Excel and convert if to txt (tab separated).

For the export command : Open the file with a text editor and replace all the following 3 digit strings "," by a ";" new one.