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Discussion created by cillion on Nov 1, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2016 by Johan Hedman

Hi there

I have two sets of date and time fields, one with edit possibility in browse mode, the other with no edit possibility in browse mode. And these two is arraged in top of each other.


Previusly I hidden these two sets by this:

Edit set get hidden: If (Count ( Courseattendee::id )<=0 ; True)


Not edit possibility is hidden : If ( Count ( Courseattendee::id )>0 ; True )


Now I also need to hide theese two if there is a course room booked for the course. These I have almost made possible with a case (), but whene they both is empty, then it is not hiding:



Not edit possility:

Case (

IsEmpty (( Count ( kursdeltaker )) and IsEmpty ( Count ( kursrom ))) ; True ;

IsEmpty ( Count ( kursdeltaker )) ; True ;

IsEmpty ( Count ( kursrom )) ; True ;