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Discussion created by xBabinx on Nov 1, 2016
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Hello All,


I've built a solution for inventory management. For the products being managed I have a container field that stores the image of the product. I've created a report for managers to review the movement of inventory and included the image of the product on the report. When utilizing the save as .PDF script step, as well as utilizing the Save as .PDF functionality in Preview mode some of the images fail to show up in the saved .PDF document. The images in the container field are all .jpg and about 30kb in size. The field is set as "Reduce or Enlarge Image to Fit" in the inspector. They all appear on the layout as intended before saving to the .PDF, but some fail to be part of the saved document. The field is not set to be hidden when printing. The layout is in List View.


Has anyone else encountered images in container fields that do not appear in saved .PDF files? I'm not sure how to tell if the issue is a problem with Filemaker or if it is a problem with the properties of the .jpg in the container.


Any feedback would be appreciated.


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