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FMS 15, FM API, PHP and Value Lists Problem

Question asked by on Nov 1, 2016
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Running FMS 15 on a single machine deployment on a Windows 2012 (I believe, don't have immediate access to check)

I am running into problems. I can connect to the database and add a simple record but the second I put in code for obtaining value lists, I am getting the generic 500 server error message.

I have the FileMaker Web Layout with the value lists associated to the fields and on the layout. Double checked all the names and spellings to make sure there were no leading spaces after the names.

I even went as far as to download a sample database and code, installed it on the client server and still getting the error message.

I am using the following code:


$layout = $fm->getLayout('demo');
$valueListNames = $layout->listValueLists();
echo $valueListNames;

$values = $layout->getValueListTwoFields('ValueList');



Can someone shed some light on this for me? I've developed in PHP with FileMaker since version 11 and haven't run into this during developments.

Thank you.