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Can't start IWP, even though I'm the administrator, how to rectify?

Question asked by jrockstrom on Nov 1, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2016 by Johan Hedman

I used to be able to start IWP, but can't now. I'm the administrator of my computer and installed FMPv11 some time ago. Though this may have been done on an older computer and migrated to the current one. Don't use IWP much so haven't tried to turn it on for some time. The FMPv11 folder has a web log folder and in that are two files, access.log and application.log.


Not sure what are the next steps to get IWP working?


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PS Have FMP up to v14, but using this older version for a specific project where prime users have actual copies of FMPv11 and connect via Remote. IWP is for ad hoc users.