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      I Have a button bar that I used to flag my material status. May material status is listed in a value list. Like for example if I will choose Used in my value list the button bar icon will change its color according to my conditional formatting.


      How can I show that If I will hover my mouse to the button bar icon it will show the the status of my materials in words or text.


      Thank you.

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          Unless I misunderstand, you can simply reference the "Status" field (the same one you use for the Conditional Formatting calculations) as the Tooltip formula.

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            Hi erolts,


            I tried to put into my tooltips


            Materials::Material Status = "Quarantined"


            but it showing "0" when I hover it.




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              Materials::Material Status = "Quarantined" is a predicate that is either True or False (in this case, the latter).


              This is what you use in the Conditional Formatting (and which I assume is where you copied it from) where a formatting is triggered if a predicate returns a Boolean True value.


              To display the field value itself, just reference the field:


              Materials::Material Status


              in your tooltip calc.

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                +1 to Erolst's, answer. And if you want to make it more explanatory, build it as if you're concatenating text:


                "Material Status is: " & Materials::Material Status

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                  if the tooltip is placed on top of the field you can also just use the SELF function or more verbose:


                  "Material Status is: " & Self