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Discussion created by rkutcher on Nov 1, 2016
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I originally thought when I created a relational value list it was magically stored somewhere in the database.  Having unsuccessfully tried to use these value lists on layouts and after reading thru numerous articles on relationship base value lists I am starting to suspect things are not quite that way.


1.  I now believe if I create a relational value list in one of my TOG's it will not be available for use in other TOG's unless I create a relationship from the TOG where I defined the value list to the TOG where I want to use the value list.  Can someone confirm this first point?  I think the reason for this is unlike a "Custom Values" list which is stored somewhere, the relationship value list is "built or populated" by the relationship each time it is called up.


2.  If I have a relation ship      Main -------<Values     where I have defined the value list to show only Values related to the Main, and I want to have the value list show on a layout base on another table I'm thinking the relationship would be     


Other Table---------Main   


or maybe


Other Table-------Values


Can anyone tell me if this thinking is correct?


Thanks in advance.