FMP 15 MSI Install not suppressing dialog

Discussion created by FCOETech on Nov 1, 2016
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I've been working with getting FMP 15 client installed through an app delivery service we have in our org called KACE. Before doing that, I'd like to just verify that the basic install is as close to silent as I can make it. My understanding from the documentation here:




I edited the msi as noted in the doc, and per the image attached. As you can see, AI_SKIPDIALOG is enabled, but I still see the prompt for Username, Org, and Key. Similarly, shortcut placement, registration, and a few other options are enabled, but are still prompted for. There is an annotation that says if the information is incorrect, the user is still prompted. The information is correct and verified.


What might I be missing here? Has anyone else used Orca to define these install options successfully?