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Getting balance of last month summary in current month.

Question asked by akhlaq38 on Nov 1, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2016 by Magnus Fransson

Hi all

I have a layout where I got sub summary report of all the products showing total quantity purchase and total

quantity sale with balance quantity in each line. It shows month wise like this;


          Product Code                         Qty Purch                    Qty Sold                    Balance

          10e1.2c18                                   320                              212                         108

           30m1.6d14                                140                              114                           26


          10e1.2c18                                   290                              278                         12

           30m1.6d14                                188                              164                          28

I want to show balance of last month in new month / next month like this;


  Product Code      Balance Last month        Qty Purch                    Qty Sold                    Balance

10e1.2c18                                                       320                              212                         108

  30m1.6d14                                                     140                              114                           26


  10e1.2c18                108                               290                              278                          120

  30m1.6d14                 26                               188                              164                            50

Is this possible to do this in FM? Actually we have about 550 products to show as above. It is a long list.

To see the balance of last month is required to search by scrolling.