Clearing the portal and starting a new record upon commit

Discussion created by pcuezze on Nov 2, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2016 by BillisSaved

I would like for users to be able to enter a billing entry (time and description) in the context of my "facility" table.  I would like for them to see the data they are entering until the record is committed.  After that, i want the fields to be cleared and a new record started.  I do not want them to be able to scroll up to the entry they just made (I'm using an abbreviated view-only portal for previous entries).  Ideally, I'd like for the record to commit as soon as they tab out of the last field or click somewhere on the layout but a button would be fine as well.


I have tried this using a portal for data entry as well as without a portal but I can't seem to get the data to clear and move to a new blank record.


Any help would be appreciated!




Patrick cuezze.