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MasterDetail2.0 slowed

Question asked by ezeitgeist on Nov 3, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2016 by ezeitgeist

I'm using Todd Geist's MasterDetail2.0 module in one of my layouts. I have approx 1,000 records being displayed. It will likely grow to 1,500 within the next month. It already takes 40 seconds to load the layout initially (and when showing "ALL" after a search). My guess this is because of calculated fields that I have and because it is pulling fields from two different tables.


I have a few calculated fields that consist of calculations similar to (this is for "Contact:: Region Override"): If ( IsEmpty ( Companies::Region ); Region Override; Companies::Region )


This allows me to display the Individual Contact's Region if they are not associated with a specific company at the time. (Ie. If Company Region exists, it displays that in Contact:: Region Override, but if the Contact is not associated with a Company and thus the Company Region is empty, it will display the entered Region Override information).


I have this calculation on 4 fields, and then one more calculation that combines First and Last name fields into a single field.


Could this be what is slowing it down so much? No sum fields and no other calculation fields.


If those are slowing it down so much, how can I speed it up/change the calculations to not slow it down? Any help would be greatly appreciated!