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Printing Issues with FileMaker and HP Printers in Windows 10.

Question asked by carfiles on Nov 1, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2016 by philmodjunk

Filemaker 11 (stand alone) recently stopped sending print jobs to one of my customers Color LaserJet MFP M477fnw. He can print fine if he does it manually ctr-P. However nothing happens when the print job is sent through a printing script. I updated him to FM14 and it's the same. The only clue I have is that his PC did one of those automatic system updates and he has not been able to print from a script since. Funny thing, another customer calls me today and has same model printer, he can manually print but not from a printing script. I tried a brother printer and it's fine. I Dowloaded a HP printer update and still no go. Anyone has a similar printing issue with HP used with FM? Thank you in advance...