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Pattern Count, Nested IF Statement Calculation Clarification

Question asked by lindseym on Nov 2, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2016 by dtcgnet

I checked out this thread,  it gave me a better understanding, but I am still having issues.


I have a column titled Space


Space can contain a number of values for example, but all instances are separated by a dash, the order of the values could be in any random order: Bldg North-Level 2-Quantrant Beyond the Trees



What I want:


If Space contains the word Level; get everything (excluding the first space) after the word Level until you reach a - , if Space does not contain the word "Level" return TBD (highlighted)



Because I am still learning I started to build my calculation one step at a time

I began with an if statement & pattern count:


If ( PatternCount ( Space ; "Level" ) ; "Yes" ; TextStyleAdd ("TBD" ; HighlightYellow ))



I am able to get the response "Yes," however, I there is no "Level" I am getting an empty (blank) value


my second question, what would be the best way to parse the level # (or value after level).


Files attached if needed.