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    SMTP script incompatible with OFFICE365


      SMTP script does not work properly with OFFICE365.  I am using Filemaker Pro Advanced 15 client and FM Pro Server 14


      Anyone aware of a 3rd party plugin or app that functions OK with OFFICE365 for auto emailing from client


      Note: I tried AutoSender 4 from FM Butler and it does not work.  They are aware of the  problem with OFFICE365 and their Developer is trying to fix it.




      Al Lawrance

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          If you can use a program like Thunderbird to SMTP-send email to O365, then FMP should have no issues doing it either.


          AFAIK, the SMTP in FM is generic, but you will have to be especially careful of whatever SMTP ports your email server is expecting and match those in FM. FM gives you the silly guess of port 25 as the SMTP port, which almost nobody uses anymore. Could that be the problem?


          I don't use MS servers for email, but I've had zero issues with FMP's SMTP email send using other servers with various configs.


          HOPE THIS HELPS.

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            Good afternoon ajlawrance,


            I hope your day is going well. When I configured smtp mail settings on production level copiers to work with Office365, I had to configure a smtp relay connector via the O365 admin panel before it would allow the connection. I haven't done this with FileMaker, but I would assume you would need to do the same thing. Hope this is helpful. Have a great day!


            God bless,




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              MBS Plugin can send email via CURL through any SMTP server.

              As far as I know it works well with Office 365.

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                We thought we could use the SMTP option from Send Mail within our script and experienced the same problem with Office 365. We tried ports 995 and 587 but either got timeout or authentication errors. We suspect SSL/TLS incompatibility.


                Thankfully, we bundle Dacons MailIt with all our solutions, which has worked fine (except between 05:00 and 08:00 this morning, but after many unrepeatable phrases it all suddenly jumped back into life - we suspect this to be a Microsoftism rather than a Daconsism!).


                Hope this helps.



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                  Yeah, I avoid MS Email at all costs. When I had to use O365 with a particular client, it was slow, password changes often didn't "take", and overall just a pain to use.


                  In Java code, using O355, I experienced:

                  Productivity-- ;


                  Problems like this SMTP issue just shouldn't happen. And have never happened with any commercial email server I've used.