Automate "Next Date" in a Portal row

Discussion created by EssexBiker on Nov 3, 2016
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Greetings from a very cold, grey (sorry gray to you), and damp blighty! 


Okay, here goes.


I have an employee table and a timesheet table.


I have placed a timesheet portal in a layout, (employee context) _Pk and Fk being the unique Employee ID.


Irrespective as to whether any duty has taken place there must be an entry for each employee for every day, ( we have to note rest days/periods)


WHAT I WOULD LOVE TO BE ABLE TO DO... Would be to click in the next empty portal row and FM to populate it with the date following the preceding portal row.


I am struggling how to get the last row and add a day in the next row. 


One thing I have thought about,In the back of my mind, I can envisage moving over to another employee record and FM putting the next date based on the last row in the Timesheet table and not the last date that particular employee worked.


If anyone has a solution to that, brilliant.


If anyone could suggest a script to blank down a portal then add the seven working days for that week commencing.... EPIC.


Anyway, off to find a wooly jumper now


PM 14 Pro, to be shared via FM Direct too.