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    Users per Form clarification


      Hello there, I am new to FM and I am thinking on purchasing the FM Pro for individuals version but before I need to clarify about licensing.

      The term TEAMS or INDIVIDUALS refers to Teams of Developers which will be using FileMaker Pro to create and deploy mobile apps, or it refers to the number of individuals which will be using the actual forms created?

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          Johan Hedman

          FLT stands for FileMaker Licenses for Teams and means you need a FileMaker Server where you host your solution and then you buy licenses that you can use on computer, device or web. One license for each user, but each users can use it on computer/device/web one at the time.


          Call your local FileMaker Sales person and that person can learn your more about how license work for FileMaker


          I also recommend you have a loot at free FileMaker Training Series

          FileMaker Training Series | FileMaker