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    Filemaker Go for field employees


      hi All,


      I have a company that want to create a database that they can track their staff with, so the security guard at Point A logs on using his iPhone, and starts work. Then logs off at the end of his shift. The Cleaner at Point B logs on with her Android, and starts work etc...


      There will be extra functionality needed for some users, but intrinsically, if the company has a workforce in the field of say 500, and they only log on to say they have arrived at work, can this be done using a guest log-in so that they don't need to purchase 500 concurrent connections?


      It seems logical to me that this would be the case, but I don't want to dive in and quote for it if Filemaker isn't the appropriate choice.





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          I would suggest calling sales.    You would need FMS to use Webdirect.   FMGo is not available for Android.    FMI has several options, so sales could answer your question better.  

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            Good point well made! Thanks

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              I'd love to hear back from you what FMI's response is to this...

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                An update on this...

                I spoke with Sales and as I thought, this can be accomplished using concurrencies, but it's all about how many the client is prepared to pay for! FLT would not work so well.


                One thought that has struck me though - Custom Web Publishing - this is a side of Filemaker that I haven't got into yet, but maybe this is the solution. What has been your experience, fellow developers, of CWP? I should be able to have as many connections as I want using a simple website I create just for logging on and off, so the users only change one or two fields in the database. I assume this would offer a higher security risk than WebDirect - I wouldn't be able to limit the incoming IP addresses as they would all be from mobiles and from a constantly changing workforce. Any thoughts on this?


                Thanks one and all



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                  Consider the possibility of using FM Go (or iOS SDK) in a stand-alone mode.  Install iBeacons at Points A, B, etc. so that the employee's location can be captured when she/he starts work or performs other tasks.


                  When the employee "logs off at the end of the shift", automatically export her/his daily transactions into a merge file and send that to the server.  Build the appropriate backups, security, and fail-overs into the workflow.

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                    Thanks jml.


                    I'm not sure what stand alone mode in fm go is, so will have a search on that. As to iBeacons unfortunately the jobs are usually in lots of different places not owned by the company, so not a few consistent static areas. Thus I was thinking of just a small website with logon screen to say worker has started and then finished.


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                      Standalone - sorry, yes of course. Good idea!


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                        CWP could work well here - the user signs in, sets a few fields and is out. Thats very efficient for the server and keeps the load low. Authentication can still be done using the FM security model so only permitted users get through. If you're familiar with PHP and CWP you could set this up in a few hours.



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                          Just began a project sorta along this vein for a client of mine, and came in knowing nothing about PHP, but have found that it's quite powerful and gets past the concurrency thing very quickly and efficiently. I purchased the book from formulationspro (available on Amazon or direct as a PDF) and was able to write scripts and make something that functioned inside of a week (including my reading time). My first working page only took maybe an hour to build. I'd highly recommend giving it a read if you want to go that route.