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Filemaker Go for field employees

Question asked by Storganise on Nov 3, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 25, 2016 by SethRedlus

hi All,


I have a company that want to create a database that they can track their staff with, so the security guard at Point A logs on using his iPhone, and starts work. Then logs off at the end of his shift. The Cleaner at Point B logs on with her Android, and starts work etc...


There will be extra functionality needed for some users, but intrinsically, if the company has a workforce in the field of say 500, and they only log on to say they have arrived at work, can this be done using a guest log-in so that they don't need to purchase 500 concurrent connections?


It seems logical to me that this would be the case, but I don't want to dive in and quote for it if Filemaker isn't the appropriate choice.