Problems with 'pulling' in information from a conditional value List

Discussion created by Flyfisher2611 on Nov 3, 2016



Me ........again!


I have already set up two conditional value lists to display on a child table (Plant Scheduler) and these work fine!


I am trying to set another value list on a different child table, (Label Bins). The conditional value list seems to be working fine, apart from the fact, it will not 'pull in' information from the 'Plant Detail' table, once the other two field have been populated via the value lists, where as the other two tables do!


I think the problem is relationship/table issue! When I tried to make a relationship from the Label Bin table to the Plant Detail table (using the variety field) Filemaker told be I couldn't make a second 'second relational path' from the table without creating a second occurrence. It then created a second Label Bin occurrence.


My question is


Is This the problem? if not What do you think might be?


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