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Formatting a cash value in a calculation field

Question asked by oldgustav on Nov 3, 2016
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I have a number field in a layout that is formatted to display a cash value, say £125.50. This field also appears in a calculation field thus:


"Please could you put a note in your calendar to let us have the balance of" &" " &"£" & TableName::NumberField &" " & "on or before" &" "& Day ( TableName::BalanceDueDate )&" " &MonthName ( TableName::BalanceDueDate ) & "." &" " & "When it comes through, we'll send an email acknowledging safe receipt, along with useful information about your stay." & ¶&¶


The problem is that the cash value appears as £125.5 in the calculation field. Is there a function that will add the extra zero when required? I can't seem to find one. Other cash values such as £125 and £125.25 obviously all work fine (although I'd prefer £125 to appear as £125.00 - as it does in the currency formatted field).