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    What's a normal stat look like


      What does a normal stat look like? My 'remote call in progress ' is jumping from 0 to 5 every 10min or so and users occasionally users report slow down. Should i be worried? And there anything i can do to prevent the slowdown.


      Our FM setup

      FM14 VM on SAN storage (fiber channel between host and san )

      VM resources allocated: 1 CPU 4 Core 64GB Ram


      RAID 1



      Screen Shot 2016-11-03 at 16.11.54.png

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          Those stats are normal. There are a wide variety of issues that can cause "slowness" for users. The ones related to system resource drainage are:


          -Heavy load of "Perform Script on Server" scripts running.

          -Backup operations

          -Server running other programs (EG shared drive, domain controller, DHCP controller, email server, etc..)
          -User's hardware is old and having trouble running newer software.

          -User is running too many programs on their computer


          RAID 1 is ok, RAID 1+0 would be better.


          Other things that cause "slow" are:

          -Slow internet connections on the server or client end, including wifi drops and network changing.

          -unstored calculations and summary fields

          -the above, combined with large data sets (EG summarizing 50,000 records or summarizing an unstored calculation field).


          Given your chart, it's something your users are doing, so you may want to see what operation they are performing when they report it's slow. It does not appear that something scheduled on the server is affecting it.