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Show number of records in FMGo

Question asked by JeremyHurd on Nov 3, 2016
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Does anybody know if it is possible to create a field that shows the total number of records associated with a table when toolbars and menubar are hidden (in FMGo).  I tried setting a field with calculation Get ( TotalRecordCount ), but that only works if you delete records sequentially.  Meaning, if you have 3 records and you delete number 2, you would now only have 2 records associated with that table.  But, the field does not update the total number as I thought it would, it keeps the same number that was assisted with the record originally.  So if you go to the first record the field returns 1, if you go to the second record, the field returns 3, even though there are now only two records.  This is kind of hard to articulate, but basically I am trying to mimic the way the toolbar shows the total number of records and which record you are on without displaying the toolbar...