Shadow Tables and Shadow Fields

Discussion created by macrolide on Nov 3, 2016
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Could someone clarify the terms "Shadow fields" and "Shadow tables"  ?

What's the database terminology for the table upon which the shadow tables are based on? Is it "Information Tables" or something else.. ( Other antonyms of "Shadow" feels inappropriate.. sunshine, brright right light...)


Was watching a past Filemaker Webinar where they mentioned using shadow tables to move "less busy fields" to a separate table connected to the original table using a one-to-one relationship.


So for example, in a Contacts table with ContactID, FirstName, LastName, DateOfBirth, cAge, cFullName, gSelectedContact

  1. gSelectedContact is to store a ContactID from All Contacts.
    • Is there any advantage of moving global fields in any table to its shadow table other than keeping pure data fields in the "Information Tables" ?
  2. If cAge and cFullName (Calculated Fields) are moved to another table, Will it improve the performance on a layout because filemaker has less fields in the Contacts dataset to load ?
  3. Calculated Fields and Shadow fields are the same ?