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    False positive on manual check for update


      There seems to be an issue with the way the version/build number is handled when checking for updates - at least with certain builds.


      When I choose Help > Check for updates... in my FileMaker Pro Advanced 15, installed as 15.0.2 with an installer downloaded from my FBA FileMaker Pro 15 Advanced Software (NFR) license (at ..../emea_fba_ftn/...), running on OS X 10.10.5, I get the attached message saying that there is an update, even though I'm on the latest version.


      Worse, downloading and running the update results in a broken FMPA app which doesn't work (so I had to go download the full installer again).


      I don't get this on a couple of other installations, where I had installed 15.0.1 and then run the update.