ODBC driver for Windows Server 2012r2

Discussion created by user27142 on Nov 3, 2016
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I've been building an application on Mac using the Actual odbc driver to connect to mySQL and it's been working flawlessly.  I'm far along (first project so really just starting to learn the ins and out of FM) I want to move the application to an installation of filemaker server community edition to test it on a network environment.


I grabbed a copy of the MySQL 64-bit ODBC connector and tried the installation on Windows Server 2012r2 that will eventually be dedicated to Filemaker and I'm getting installation errors trying to get the driver setup.


I'm kind of assuming someone here has already been successful doing this and wondering if they'd offer some tips.  Did you use the driver off the mySQL developer site?  Any recommendations on the best driver available on Windows?  Any insights as to how to get it up and running?


Would appreciate any info....