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    What slows Filemaker layout loads?


      Calculation fields slow Filemaker.


      Does "Hide Object" slow a layout load as well, as it has to do a calculation to determine if to hide or not?


      Do including fields from other (related) tables slow a layout load?


      Anything else?


      Long scripts, I'm assuming.

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          Your data has the largest impact on data loading speed. Summaries, un-stored calculations and large data sets containing those items are all suspect.


          If your hide object conditions are based on those same types of data, then that can contribute to slowness.


          Also, list views or form views containing thousands of objects could be slow in some cases. EG list views with popovers containing portals.


          But for the most part, FileMaker does a pretty good job optimizing things for you.

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            Scripts, unstored calculations--particularly those that reference summary fields or that use aggregate functions--especially those that aggregate data from large numbers of related records, Summary fields--particularly with large found sets of records. Filtered portals when there are large numbers of related records to process through the filter, "wide" data tables (tables with hundreds or even thousands of fields to the record and accessing that part of the system for the first time (and thus there are no temp files to reference for some of the data) can all slow how quickly a layout loads.

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              Good afternoon ezeitgeist,


              I hope your day is going well. Jon Thatcher gave a devcon presentation, which discusses some of the issues that can have a negative impact on performance. I thought it was an excellent talk.




              Have a great evening!


              God bless,


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                Took me a little too understand how to properly do an auto enter calculation for what I needed. But once that was done and index set to all, it flies!!!


                Thank you!