Replicate portal records

Discussion created by on Nov 4, 2016
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I was wondering is there is any way of replicating portal records. 



If I want to print FILTERED portal records, I have to write a very long script which tell GTTR  ("Go to related records") to get the related records in portal. Because I have many filters; if I got to related records I have re-filter them records first and this takes very long time.


So is there is any way, which allows us to just replicate the records shown in portal. For example, if somebody use different filters and portal show few records; than I can have a button at the bottom which will take user to another layout and show the filtered records on there.


GTTR is very long and require long script and in future I will have more filters so I need a better way; which just duplicates the records shown in portal on different layout.


Many Thanks