Can't add a field on a hosted file anymore, FMS hangs

Discussion created by Vincent_L on Nov 4, 2016
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Since the beginning of this year, I'm almost never able anymore to fields to table. (As I'm writ

Yes, I now have more scheduled scripts, and yes it can happen when a server side script is running. But, I also encountered the issue, when no server side were running.

It happened with FMS 14 + Mac OS 10.9, and now with FMS 15v2 + Sierra.

So now, the only way I can edit the database fields, is to disconnect all my clients, and wait a bit, then after I can add fields.


You may say that it's not recommend, but in the past I never encountered this, and the real reason I'm posting this is that the behavior is not logical.


Here's what happens :


after editing the field definition (and sometimes just relationships), I click the ok button.

- The progress bar fill ups rapidly to 90% but then remain stuck for ages (as I'm writing this, it's been 45 minutes)

- Also the Mac GUI is messed up by Filemaker : Filemaker remains frontmost no matter what (and even you can get the progress modal dialog go beneath the fields window.


- But both FM Client CPU usage AND FMS Cpu usage is next to nothing 0,1% !

So basically there's nothing going on.

- Moreover, if a server side script was running it's hanged and also no cpu usage on the fmased process

- new user can't connect anymore to the server.

- Backups fails with error 642,729, 8003 and 702


The only thing to do is to kill the editing client, but it's not quick, and then the server remains in that idle states, server side script don't resume, new clients still can't connect anymore.

Of course, this often corrupts the edited file !


Oh, and also, after disconnecting the client (and quitting) FMS admin webpage AND fmsadmin command line still report it as connected


Here are samples of the editing client, and fmserverd and fmased


Dropbox -


This seriously hinders my productivity as an in house dev, and sometimes makes me restart the server during production.


This reminds me the kind of "DOS attack" that occurs when cancelling unstored finds


Please fix this flaw that makes FMS not a robust software