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Error 812 - Exceeded capacity - for PSOS calls

Question asked by justinc on Nov 4, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2016 by justinc

We ran into a problem yesterday with our server.  Our PSOS script calls were failing with error 812 (something like "Server has exceeded capacity - try again later").


We are running FM Server 13.09.  This is on Windows on an AWS virtual machine...I don't know the specifics, though (I don't have access to the desktop, just the admin console).  However, I believe it to be pretty beefy - we host 50+ files for our clients on this server.  The Server is configured for 255 simultaneous script sessions.


There was no visible evidence on the server admin console itself that there was anything wrong:  there were only 19 users logged in, non of which appeared to be 'script session' users in the Statistics or the Client list for each database.  The Statistics tab only showed 20-30 remote calls per second at the peak (I didn't write it down).  And remote calls in progress was 0-5.


Restarting the Server Script Engine appears to have fixed the problem for us:  "fmsadmin restart fmse"


But now we are trying to figure out why it happened in the first place.  With no strange 'script' users hanging around it wouldn't seem that those were causing the problem.  It would seem that there is something not releasing correctly in the Script Engine when a PSOS call completes.  (We have some files on this server that make extensive use of PSOS.)  So how can we track down what script was causing the problem?