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    Map: SDK 14 vs SDK 15


      SDK 14


      SDK 15




      The code inside the web object called 'WebMap'



      width=\"" & GetLayoutObjectAttribute("WebMap";"width")-10 & "\"

      height=\"" & GetLayoutObjectAttribute("WebMap";"height")-39 & "\"

      frameborder=\"0\"  style=\"border:0\"


      &q=54,-65.3&maptype=roadmap \">


      The object WebMap is resized to the full width of the tab control which is resized to the layout width.


      As you can see, the map is resized correctly in the sdk14 but not in the sdk15.


      Any solution ?



      The default map code provided by the web object is resized correctly but it's not the map I want. There are too many things displayed and I want a simple map.