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    Gracefully Cancelling Insert From Device


      I have a form that looks like this.


      The scan barcode button is attached to an Insert From Device script. My issue is if the user taps Cancel when scanning they’re returned to a screen that still shows input options.


      When you tap the hamburger with the up arrow button you will see this;


      And if you then tap the ± button you can add/delete records.


      I don’t want this to happen. If the user taps cancel while scanning with the camera I want them to return to how the form looked before the button was tapped. They only way I can do that is if I manually tap the body of the form. Then the bar disappears.


      I have Hide all toolbars selected in file options, in my script I have a check to see if the user tapped the cancel button and tried several commands (commented out below);

      Untitled 7.png

      but none of them will mimic the result I get when I tap the body of the form. What command or action can I execute to make the bar disappear?