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    Export to PDF not respecting page breaks


      I have a layout I use as a monthly report to a client. That layout has graphs and other text fields which look great in FMP. That is, the page breaks are all above or below each item.


      Yet, when I export that same layout to PDF, graphs split across pages and the general export is so messed up I spend hours trying to fix it each time I add a new item to the report (and change the spacing).


      So, my questions are these:

      1. Am I missing something beyond having view page margins and view page breaks enabled and making sure everything fits in there (doesn't cross a page break boundary?) for a proper export?


      2. If this is just how "FMP works", then why isn't the PDF export ... smarter? That is, if the page breaks are correct in FMP, then why aren't they respected on the PDF output?  Again, I could be missing something, but I don't think I should need to spend hours trying to get the export correct (no ugly breaks across pages) if everything is correct within the FMP layout.


      I'm using FMPA 14.


      Would appreciate suggestions.



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          One thing to check:


          You set page size, orientation and other options for Save As PDF using print set up just as though you are going to print. So select the options that you need in print setup, then check the layout in layout mode and preview mode to see what you get. The precise "printable area" on a given page can vary from printer to printer and printer driver to printer driver so you need to make sure that you have the right settings before you check to see where page breaks will fall on your layout.

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            Appreciate your reply, but in this case the "printer" is the PDF itself.


            I've messed with the print setup, but it looks like I'm just going to have to spend time on this where FMP should be figuring this out (FMP Internals: Hey, this is a graphic and it won't all fit on the current page ... let's start a new page, etc.). If I were coding this in iText, I could do a better job than FMP is doing now. At least for what I'm expecting (reasonable assumptions and placement, respecting page breaks, ...)


            Thanks again Phil.

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              We try to do this before anything that we save a pdf.  Too many times we had portrait reports printing in landscape and vice versa.

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                Do you set "use fixed page margins" in "Layout setup" > "print" ?

                If you don't, the result of "Save as PDF" differs according to printer in "Print setup"