Looking up employee name from ID number

Discussion created by HashirRaja on Nov 5, 2016
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Hi, I have an inventory database that manages our tablet inventory.


When a tablet is damaged, I create a new record of the damage. In that record, I have the following info. ex. tablet no. damage date and most importantly the employee ID.


For the employee ID and names, I have a separate employee table that has just two fields. Employee ID and employee name.


Now, when I create a damage record, I have to put down which employee it was by using the employee ID as it is unique.


My question is, how should I display the corresponding name to that ID number within that damage record because we cannot tell easily which employee it was with just the ID.


Should I put the "employee name field" from the "employee table" into the damaged record and have it just show related data? Or should I make the ID field a calculated field where once you enter an ID, it calculates the name from the employee table? That way the ID number won't show anymore as it will be replaced by the related employee name. My only concern with that is, there are some employees with duplicate names, so will this completely remove the ID number that I put in earlier?


Do I need separate ID and name fields within the damage tablet table or is ID enough as I'm relating it to the employee ID field and then display the name with the field from employee table?


Explaining this through writing is pretty tough! hehe.