handling of sliding text in layout part 'Trailing Grand Summary'

Discussion created by TomPingel on Nov 6, 2016
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In the 'trailing grand summary' part of a layout there are three 'rows' of text fields each with position/sliding & visibility set to 'sliding up based on: all objects above'.

The first row has one field the full width of the printable area

The second has 2 fields, each half the width of the printable area

The third has 3 fields, each 1/3 the width of the printable area.


Any of the 6 fields could have a large amount of text, so the fields are 'stretched' vertically. In practice they generally have a small amount of text.


When the layout is put into 'Preview' mode, it appears that FM reserves the entire size of the fields set up in layout mode, even though none of them has much (or any) text in them.


The result is that the last page of the report has large 'white' space at the bottom of the page and the trailing grand summary with just 3 lines is forced to a new page.


Is that normal behavior (FM13)? Or is there something I can do to fix this?