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    Runtime crash when exporting FM files


      I have a Runtime that crashes (FMP Runtime has stopped working) whenever I use a script to export an FM file. It doesn't crash when a script exports an Excel file (though I'd like to know how to specify .xlsx instead of .xls).


      Are there any general rules I should check through to ID the problem?

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          Hi tays01s,


          What version of FileMaker are you running and which operating system?


          And do you have the same issue with the original file using FileMaker Pro Advanced?


          -- Orlando

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            Apologies for not replying sooner; I wanted to re-check everything with a new RT, but the result was the same. It stops running and exports a blank FM file (12kb) instead of one containing a single field + data >120kb in size.


            FMA 14 and it happens with Runtimes on both OSX and Windows 8.1. Conversely it's fine when I export an FM file runnng the solution with FMA. I'd originally posted a query thinking it was the final code in Inno Setup that was the problem but it occurs with an RT without the Inno Setup stage.