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    Look-up from same Table


      Hello everyone,

      DELIVERY is a Table is where I store when a customer purchases a product.

      Among others there are 4 key fields:

      1- PURCHASE_DATE (my entry stored field)

      2- EXPIRE_DATE (stored calculation).

      3- PREVIOUS_EXPIRE_DATE (unstored calculation) obtained using a relationship which shows the EXPIRE_DATE of previous record (based on date)

      The relationship called previous_record" works fine and is based on Name=Name, RecordID≠RecordID, Date>Date

      4- DELAY (unstored calculation) = PURCHASE_DATE - PREVIOUS_EXPIRE_DATE.


      All fine except that, since PREVIOUS_EXPIRE_DATE in unstored, also DELAY is unstored.

      When producing report using a portal, with some 150.000 records, the time for obtaining the result is frustrating.

      I wish to have a PREVIOUS_EXPIRE_DATE stored with a lookup so that DELAY refers to it.